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1. What type of system do you use?

We use a Hot Water Extraction system, known more commonly as Steam Cleaning. Water at steam like temperatures along with detergent is sprayed onto carpet at high pressure, then vacuumed out in one step. The van's system is self sufficient, housing the fresh and recovery water tanks.

2. Who are your clientele? 

During the past 20+ years we have established a loyal residential customer base of over 200 families, and maintain over 30 commercial accounts each year. We provide carpet damage restoration and cleaning for Belfor USA Corp., and are an approved vendor for Toll Brothers. We feel it is the enjoyable and professional experience we provide that keeps our clientele coming back.

3. Do I need to move any furniture prior my scheduled appointment? 

No. We will move most furniture when scheduling cleaning for furnished areas. All furniture moved will be returned to its original location and special care will be taken not to leave stains by leaving plastic tabs underneath. Certain items will not be moved such as entertainment centers, heavy bookcases, and large dressers. If you have a question on a specific piece please call us.

4. Does regular cleaning extend the life of my carpets? 

Yes it does. Almost every carpet manufacturer (Mohawk, Shaw, ect) recommends Hot Water Extraction cleaning every 12-24 months. This method of cleaning removes the most soiling while improving crushed carpet pile.

5. How long will my carpets take to dry?

Depending on the temperature and humidity carpets can dry in as little as 3 hours or they may take as long as 12 hours. Generally the lower the humidity and more airflow the faster they will dry. We can leave booties behind so the carpets can be walked on immediately. 

6. Can pet stains and odors be removed?

Yes. Normal pet spots can generally be treated with enzyme agents to "breakdown" odor causing residue to eliminate odors. Specialty stain removers made specifically for natural dyes do a good job removing those ugly yellow stains. If you are particularly concerned with pet spots, please call us so as we may fully understand your specific situation.

7. Help! I spilled red wine on my carpet!

Don't panic, do not rub the carpet, this will spread the stain and push the dyes into the fibers further. Instead, immediately place a weight on a clean damp towel on top of the spill. Using this method causes the stain to wick into the towel. If the stain is not removed completely or is dry you will need the stain professionally extracted. 

8. Who is the adorable baby girl featured on the home page?

She is Jim's first grand child! 

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